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Old 01-09-2015, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Motofixxer View Post
This is an old thread but for the benefit of anyone that might read this later...It's best to wire anything new with a Home Run. Essentially meaning run all new jacks to a centralized location in the home. Generally in a basement or near the breaker panel.

The idea is to future proof the home as much as reasonably possible. Imagine you have a fancy room you're using as your office with lots of racked goodies then you start adding wiring to your next room over which is your home theater living room area. Then the wife says hunny we need to talk and suddenly that office is being turned into a nursery and all that wiring terminates there...not a good situation.

So if you're adding new wiring a couple of things to keep in mind. If you're needing 1 port...pull 2...if you're needing 2 pull 4. And run everything back to a centralized location where most of your networking equipment can sit. The future users will thank you.

Another good idea wiring a home before sheetrock goes up is to use some sort of conduit runs through inaccessible areas. Examples are the plastic conduit or the Smurf Tube aka blue flexible stuff that snaps right into the low voltage boxes. If you ever have to rewire will be very happy.

I even worked with a friend and convinced him to add 2 3" pvc pipe from basement to attic for future wiring sure to cap them when unused and sealed up when in use. If you ever wanted to add ceiling or wall speakers will be very thankful.

Be sure to add plenty of extra data ports. You always need more.
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Old 01-10-2015, 12:43 PM
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Try to see about wiring everything in a central way such as switch in basement, have a panel (rectangular pipe) to wire things from basement around the house. I have seen many places use this for neatness but it does require some modification to the wall although having this visible for the purpose of access. The panel will be visible but is the neatest and maintainance friendly way to wire a place.

You can also just run cables around and place them wherever they fit and out of path as much as possible. This is very cheap since there are no modifications (such as running cables above/under doors). Cat5e or Cat6 have a specification of 100M but if you are getting Cat5e be sure to use solid cores instead of copper clad aluminium. They may be heavier or pricier but it works for gigabit for 100M whereas those cheap copper clad aluminium cables will run only 100Mb if you get a 20M or more.

Having all your networking gear in one place is easier to manage especially if you plan to have your own bunch of servers in the basement.

Some places run have panels mounted on the ceiling for cable runs.
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