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Old 01-28-2013, 10:14 PM
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Default Basic Switch Installation Question


I am unable to get Internet thru my newly installed unmanaged gigabit switch (TP-Link TL-SG1005).


I had a Bell 2-Wire 2701 modem/wireless router supplying the Internet.
I had an Asus RT-N66U as my gigabit wireless router hardwired to the Bell modem.
I disabled the router and wireless portions of the Bell modem/router.

At this point, I have NO PROBLEMS getting wireless signal to my laptop for Internet. I also have no problem with another computer hardwired to the Asus router. I also have no problem with a network printer hardwired to the Asus router.

Today, I ran 50 feet of Cat6 Ethernet cable to a TP-Link TL-Sg1005 located by my entertainment center. I connected one end directly to a LAN port of the Asus router and the other end to one of the 5 ports of the switch. I then used my laptop to test for Internet by hardwiring to the switch. I disabled my wireless connection figuring that my direct connection to the switch would work. I got no Internet.

I was hoping to connect my other devices by hardwiring them from the switch as well (receiver, xBox, etc) but if I can't get Internet with my laptop, why should I get Internet thru the other devices? (rhetorical)

Are there some settings that need to be done in the Asus router?
If there are settings to be done in the switch, how would I get in anyway? Isn't an unmanaged switch just supposed to pass the signal without a bunch of hoopla?

Totally lost and stuck. I must be missing something here...


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Old 01-28-2013, 10:35 PM
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An ethernet switch is "invisible" to the router, in practical terms. No need to adjust the router.

in the switch port connected on to the router: are the "link lights" on the switch on when the cat5 cable is inserted?

Same question, but for the switch port into which the PC's ethernet cable is connected?

Switching the PC from WiFi to ethernet wired: Some Microsoft OSes will give priority to Ethernet over WiFi. If you turn the laptop's WiFi enable hardware switch to OFF, confirm the switch port lights are on, then you have a "layer 2" connection. Now we check layer 3 (TCP/IP). Make sure the ethernet in your laptop is not disabled in device manager.

Now open a command window. type
ipconfig /all
and confirm that your laptop (which is in DHCP mode for the ethernet, we assume, as that's the default) - does get a DHCP assigned IP address via the switch, back to the router. That IP should be in your home LAN's range, not 169.x.x.x. Such as 192.168.x.x.

So let us know about these.
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Old 01-29-2013, 09:24 AM
tgoodie tgoodie is offline
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Default Problem solved

Apparently, my laptop was not even configured for a local area network. I ran Windows "Diagnose Problem" and it managed to fix itself and I now have Internet. However, I did not do this while going thru the switch; I just used the cat6 cable DIRECT to the laptop to ensure that it was not the cable's fault. Next I will attach it to the switch. I might as well do it now.........ok, it works too.

Thanks for making me look elsewhere!
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gigabit, switch setup

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