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Old 02-21-2013, 03:12 PM
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Default Asus RT-N66U & Draytek Vigor 120


I would like an advice on how I should configure both Asus RT-N66U router and Draytek Vigor 120 modem, so as to access the Internet wirelessly.

I have properly configured the modem and the DSL connection is established. The modem's IP is

Regarding RT-N66U, its IP is However, when I connect the modem to RT-N66U through the WAN port, I do not have Internet access.

Could you help me solve this issue? Is the IP on both devices fine? Should I make any further configuration changes (i.e. bridge mode or subnet mask)?
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Old 02-21-2013, 04:23 PM
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I've set this up for my wife's parents and works fine. Took a little fiddling though.
First in terms of equipment, that was a Draytek Vigor120 V2 and the RT-N66U with the 264.22 Merlin's FW.

First its better to put the Vigor and the Asus in a separate subnet. If one is 192.168.1.x then the other can be 192.168.2.x for example.

Need to select the option in the Vigor to act as a PPPoE bridge modem. Thats shown as "PPPoE pass through" selection box in the Vigor's options under PPPoE/PPPoA client mode.

Leave all ISP access setup info empty in Vigor. Also you need to select if you're using PPPoE or PPPoA in the DSL modem setting. Also adjust the VPI, VCI settings per your ISP and if it will connect via PPPoA or PPPoE. If PPPoA is selected then the Vigor does the PPPoE to PPPoA translation when the Asus handles the connection credentials to the vigor.

Also make sure that you deactivate all firewall options and DHCP from the Vigor. If you select 192.168.1.x for the Vigor, then in order to be able to access again its interface, you need to lock your PC's IP address manually to something in the same subnet and then log.

After you're done with that, disconnect or renew your IP and connect to the Asus by wire. In the Asus menu adjust its IP as mentioned above. Then select PPPoE in the Internet Access settings. Be careful that sometimes the ISP name is needed and sometimes its not. For my case, it was needed under PPPoE but not for PPPoA access. Usually ISP name (service name in the Asus settings) is not needed for PPPoA.

When all is set and done, renew your IP and after a few seconds or so, all should be ok. Sometimes it can take longer for everything to synchronize and the DSL to connect. I also setup the MTU value to 1442 (not the max.1492) as I had done the same in another setup with a draytek router and another V120 that worked fine.

Good luck!

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Old 02-22-2013, 04:12 AM
tsthanos tsthanos is offline
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First of all I would like to thank you for your instant reply. Your guidance is more than helpful for my case!
Even though I configured the IPs as suggested, I didn't try the "PPPoE pass through" mode.

I have already updated the RT-N66U to the latest official firmware. I will try later your suggested configuration and I will post the results.

Since you are also familiar familiar with my particular modem (Draytek), I would like to know if you also faced any difficulties when connecting to it through a PC using an Ethernet cable. If yes, I suppose I will have to send the device for checking. The modem usually disconnects on its own, and instead of getting an IP of 192.168.1.x format, I get a completely different IP (i.e. 169.42.x.x). Is this normal?

PS: I have also purchased a 2nd RT-N66U for a friend. This device is supposed to get Internet access from a modem/router (not from just a router). Do you know how should I configure both devices?

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