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Old 05-02-2012, 12:26 AM
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Default torrents slow entire network


my network consists of less then 10 devices mostly wired.
whenever anyone cpu client is using utorrent (downstram ) the entire network becomes very slow. ( streaming 480p goes to poop )

no matter what speed i limit the utorrent client, same pb. so its not a bandwidth pb. i download only a couple torrent at a time.
i have limited connections to 100, didnt work either.

I am thinking about simultaneous connections might be the pb, but my netgear router can handle 200+ connections according to router chart, im not sure if each peer in the torrent client counts as 1 connection.

my other guess is the cpu of router gets overloeaded, it is 250mhz if im not mistaken with good amount of ram.

any help appreciated.

connection: cable 20mbps/ 500kbps
router: netgear fvs318g on cat5e
WAP: linksys wrt110
will be buying linksys E3200 for vpn video streaming purposes.
OS: win 7 ultimate *2, IOS4, xp, win7 starter
streaming: less then 480p streaming box ( ), streaming hiq over vpn
hardware: i7, 6gb and i3, 4gb, both ssd
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Old 05-02-2012, 12:42 AM
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There have been reports of DOS attacks on folks consuming things off of public trackers, that is consistent with the behavior you describe.

You can try QOS, if your router supports it.

You can adjust you bittorrent client to limit connections, and bandwidth if it supports it.

You can stick to private trackers, which are less likely to advertise your IP address.

You can move to a UTM which offers DOS, DDOS, and IDS protection.

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Old 05-03-2012, 11:04 AM
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Saturating your upstream bandwidth also affects download performance. Make sure your testing considers this.
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Old 05-03-2012, 11:39 PM
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Make sure your not using a laptop or wifi when using Torrents. The PC should be a desktop wired with enough RAM to handle those demands. PCI-E instead of PCI NIC would be more ideal. 4, 6, 8 gig of RAM. NIC buffer should be 256/256 most are 128/128 or just 64/64. The higher the number the better performance. That PC should not be use for surfing the internet at the same time you download off the Torrents. Make sure you get a faster Router with the high CPU and RAM you can get. Change your client for torrents to flash instead.

Today I only use Quad core systems then dual core on laptops and tablets and some single core for netbooks, and tablets
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