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Old 02-19-2012, 04:27 PM
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Default Linksys E4200 or Cisco RV220W?

We have a small office based in the countryside (read no other wireless networks, period). We currently have a rubbish 2.4ghz netcomm router, which is linked to a Gigabit switch connecting to a NAS, printer, 4x desktop clients, and some misc other equipment. We also however have 2 iPads, 4 iPhones, and up to 5 laptops on-premis, that need to have decent wireless. The current g wireless solution is rubbish, and need to upgrade to something newer that can handle a larger load and bandwidth - some of the wireless clients are laptops doing backups, etc via wireless (unavoidable). Internet is via 3G, so WAN to LAN throughput not important at all. The NAS server (synology) has a VPN server, so not really important that the router has a VPN server (but certainly critical router can pass through l2tp or pptp vpn connections). Range is not so important either as the office is not massive (200 square meters with thin walls).

So, i've got it down to a choice between the Linksys e4200 or cisco rv220w. I'm leaning towards the e4200 because its supports mimo 3x3 stream, which most of the laptops also support, however if the gains are minimal over rv220w not too worried.

Is there any benefit with going with the rv220w? Most of the workload is large file transfers, some audio streaming, maybe some airplay + apple tv screen mirroring (when we see 10.8), but I can also see this workload will gradually increase in the future.

Any help would be appreciated. Have gone through both reviews, and am still quite torn. Want something that will last, is reliable and can be more-or-less 'set and forget' - I am a power user so capable of more advanced router configs, however this situation does not really warrant it....

Any feedback, thoughts, pro's and cons would be really appreciated, along with experience. If i've missed anything feel free to ask

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Old 02-19-2012, 05:52 PM
astro666 astro666 is offline
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astro666 is just starting out

An update- it sucks that the 220 can't take both 5ghz and 2.4 bands simultaneously! That in fact is a big deal breaker for me... I could have an additional ap covering the 2.4ghz but I don't really want that for simplicities sake...
I should mention- reliability is important. Due to that, I'm thinking actually going the newer airport extreme over the 4200' as its got great wireless performance, is reliable, and does everything I want... I'm not hearing great things about the 4200's reliability... Comments? Suggestions?

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