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Default ow! 300 for 16 ports?

HP sells a line of switches, Procurve, that are worth looking at. They're managed and they have a lifetime guarantee.

As long as you own the switch, next business day advanced replacment.

If you're willing to use a web interface rather than out of band management, the 1800G series is very reasonable. 1800-8G is 8 gig ports for $177.66 at Amazon, the 1800-24G is 22 gigE ports plus ports you can play with other media in for $353. No 16 way, but the 8 way is very cost-effective for smaller LANs.

Both of these are fanless.

802.3ad is supported (and honestly, it probably is on the D-link switch as well, if not documented as such.) I haven't needed to return a Procurve yet (in the 3 years I've been using them, and that's probably 60-90 switches across several buildings, dodgy power in some, very warm telco closets, etc.)

I've thrown away a lot of D-link gear in my life.

If you want gig plus out-of-band management, you spend quite a bit more, but if you only need 100M with management, there's a fanless 10/100 x 24 port for just over $200 these days.

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