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Exclamation Intel NIC's and Windows 7

I own several Intel pro/1000 GT PCI NICS. My idea was to team them together to get 2 x 1Gb/s trunks. I found out, this will not work using the Intel drivers. Intel's Advanved Network Service (ANS) that supports 802.3ad LACP, will only work when a Intel server NIC is installed. When this is the case, a desktop NIC might be able team with it.

So, I have to install one pro/1000 server and pro/1000 GT NIC and team them you would think.

Unfortunatly, Intel is no longer supporting there PCI-X server NIC's for Windows 7.
They are supported by Windows 7 "in the box" drivers who do not have ANS. The only way to get the ANS to work with Windows 7, seems to be by buying Intel PCI-e server NIC's. They will not fit in "older" mainboards however, so you must calculate a new mainboard, cpu and memory to the new NIC aswell. Link Aggregation better be good, because it sure is costing a lot, to get it working.
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